The Russo Brothers

You can find us at festivals around the country, mainly Italian ones, but we are at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee every year. You’ll have to check out our show.

About the Russo Brothers

The Russo Brothers, Nick and Dominic, have a highly energetic and entertaining show that caters to all those who appreciate Italian-American music.

The brothers, Nick and Dominic, grew up right outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They perform annually at Festa Italiana on Milwaukee’s lakefront and their success has led them to perform at Italian festivals around the country.

Nick plays the piano, sings, and arranges the music, while Dominic sings, entertains, and captivates the audience.

With their unique band arrangements, remarkable harmonies, and brotherly banter the Russo Brothers put on a show that will surely put a big Italian smile on your face!

Hey everybody! We’re the Russo brothers and we’d love to share our music with you. We play some of your familiar, favorite tunes. Plus it all revolves around our modern, upbeat arrangements of classic Italian-American artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Louis Prima.

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Updated 4/7/19

Festa Italiana, July 19-21 2019 — Milwaukee, WI

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